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Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 | 0 comments

In Photos – Everglades back roads

Everglades back roads

No GPS out here, but not quite lost yet

Leaving the last airboat tour the operator gave us advice about where to find a quiet spot to chill out. We needed a break after a busy couple of days zooming about the Everglades, and in preparation for a couple of early starts the next two days.

Driving north from the main road crossing the Everglades (the Tamiami trail) the first spot is a quiet park area with an array of alligators and turtles lazily swimming about. Whilst taking photos, one alligator had made it up to the road and got between us and the car. Giving it a wide berth, we decided it was time to leave.

Everglades Alligators

Alligators watching the turtles swim about

The park seems to be as far as most people go, as beyond the alligators we seemed to have the place to ourselves. The trees dropped away into huge fields of grass and eventually we could see the horizon in every direction, completely devoid of man-made objects.

Maybe that’s why it’s popular with Panthers:

Panther Crossing Sign

Panther Crossing Sign – would love to have seen one in the wild

Everglades Sunset

At the northern end of the Everglades park, away from the panthers, we reached a deserted road to relax and wait for sunset.

Cloudy skies over the Everglades

Heading back towards Miami

Shot road sign full of bullet holes

Another road sign shot full of bullet holes

Everglades sunset

It was worth stopping to watch the sunset

As with a lot of US back country, the road signs here are riddled with bullet holes. This one is in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes they’re in more built up areas and it’s a wonder where the bullets end up.

After a longer wait than expected, our patience was rewarded with a bright orange sunset. Having not thought this through all the way, we were now in the middle of nowhere in the dark, but thankfully made it back to Miami for an early night before a long drive down to Key West.

Sunset through the bullet holes

Sunset through the bullet holes

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